Henry's Trees, LLC has a state of the art Nifty lift with a 60 ft. reach and this machine weighs less than a bucket truck for lower impact on your lawn and septic. Henry grew up living in Avon, Ct and has been removing trees for over 30 years.  If Henry isn't already your tree guy he is probably your neighbors!

Henry's Tree Removal Service

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We'll help you decide when the best time to have your job done.  Some customers wait until winter so their lawn is frozen during the work.  Spring and fall are our busiest time.





tree Removal service


Git 'er done!

Once you've decided we can fill all your tree needs we will be at your job in a timely manner.  All work will be done to the owners specifications. Safety first leave the job site clean.

Reclaim your lawn as you have your stumps ground.  We offer stump grinding services for our customers who are removing trees to enlarge their lawn.  We use our self-propelled stump grinder so their is very little impact on the lawn.  Servicing the entire Farmington Valley.



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stump grinding service

​tree removal service

Since we are busy tree removal people, we generate our own firewood supply.   We keep as much of the hardwoods we cut to supply our customers with the finest firewood in the valley.  This also enables us to have a constant supply. We cut the pieces to about 16-18 inches to fit wood stoves.  The seasoned stuff goes fast so call us early and we deliver!

Your Yard Plan

Have Henry come over so you can share your ideas about what you want for your yard. We are able to do the job in phases so you can stay within your budget.